CSV file auto phone number formatting.

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Horatiu Mocian

When uploading a csv file with all the customers info, if you don't put in the phone number correctly then it won't send a text to the customer. I think it would be great if there was a way we could create a spot on the csv file stating what the default country is so it can get auto formatted. Most of my customers download their csv file from a different platform. Then they need to go in and edit the number to work correctly. Thank you


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Horatiu Mocian

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Horatiu Mocian

Hi Fred, you can use any of the following formats when entering a number via CSV. Our help article: help.reviewshake.com/en/articles/2927572-add-customers-by-csv is already updated to include these formats.

• 1xxxyyyzzzz
• 1xxx yyy zzzz
• 1xxx.yyy.zzzz
• 1xxx-yyy-zzzz
• 1 xxx yyy zzzz
• 1 xxxyyyzzzz
• 1 (xxx) yyy zzzz
• xxxyyyzzzz
• (xxx) yyy-zzzz
• (xxx) yyy zzzz
• xxx yyy zzzz